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About US

Bright Star provides supply chain support and modernization solutions to its customers’ assets through our strategic partners around the World to support our customers across the land, sea, and air sectors. Our network of partners and suppliers enable us to provide technical products and operational support to our customers worldwide, giving our customers a reliable service network around the clock.

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Bright star services activities range from the supply of aircraft parts, components and entire system to military and civilian users as well to the technical servicing, maintenance and consulting studies. With its in-house experience, Bright Star Aviation is one of the leading Jordanian companies in its field. Our core business is expanding year after year.

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Defense logistics support

MBT Upgrades and modernization.

At Bright Star, we offer tailored solutions through our international supply chain providers, from ship designers, ship manufacturers and OEMs of major systems. This enables us to provide to our customers’ cost-effective and innovative products that enhances the capability, availability, and seaworthiness of their assets.


Jordan Armed Forces

Royal Saudi Airforce

Joint  Aviation Command, UAE

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